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Photographers have a lot of questions and we’re here to help. Please let us know if you don’t see the answer to your question or need.

When is Golden Hour at South 40?
The golden hour is a special time at South 40. Occurring shortly after sunrise and before sunset, is highly regarded in photography due to its soft, warm light, long shadows, vibrant colors, and ability to enhance landscapes. It offers a brief and unique opportunity for photographers to capture visually stunning and captivating images with balanced lighting and added depth. Click here to see upcoming golden hour times for our. area.
Who does South 40 work with?
South 40 works with and understands people with nice cameras and creative minds… we invite all skill levels to South 40 to use our beautiful land, props, buildings, animals (with their cooperation, of course!), and even me (Ann/Professional Photographer), to create beautiful photographs and film.
What props are free?
When you book time to photograph at South 40, everything in place on the property is yours to use at no extra cost.
What props are available to rent?
We have a full working studio, classic cars, farm implements, and we can also create custom sets just for you.
What should I bring to a creek photoshoot?

Great question. We have a blog post that can help answer any question you have about your next South Harpeth creek photoshoot at South 40. Click here to learn more.

How do I reschedule my reservation?

We allow reservations to be rescheduled twice for sickness or inclement weather.

Sunflower & Wildflower Planting Schedule
We typically wait until mid April for first planting of Sunflowers. Zinnias are planted towards the end of April or 1st of May. Other flowers are planted sporadically throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall seasons.
Do you provide lodging?

Here are several great places nearby that we recommend for more lodging.

Hampton Inns and Suites at Berry Farms
7101 Berry Farms Crossing, Franklin

Drury Plaza Hotel Franklin
1874 McEwin Drive, Franklin

Aloft Hotels
7109S Springs Dr., Franklin

Magnolia House Bed and Breakfast
1317 Columbia Ave., Franklin

Homewood Suites by Hilton
2225 E McEwin Dr., Franklin

Do you have power lines on the property?

The property has power lines only at the road entrance, which does not restrict any type of vehicle from entering the property. There are no visible power lines on the property beyond these at the road frontage. Check out the Features section on the website to view our landscapes.

Are there restrooms?
Yes, restrooms are available in our full working studio.
Is there privacy?
Yes, our property is completely private.
Is South 40 conveniently located?
Yes, we are in the heart of Williamson County just a few miles from I-65 south of Franklin.
Still have questions?
Feel free to call Ann at (615) 642-3587 or visit our contact page to get in touch.

Ready to capture your moment?

Let your imagination run wild by scheduling your next video, photo, or creative shoot at South 40. Have questions about the farm? Call us at (615) 642-3587 or shoot us an email at hello@south-40.com.