As the chill of winter fades, and the season of renewal arrives, South 40 Farm awakens with vibrant new life, offering an ideal setting for stunning outdoor photography. Located conveniently close to Nashville, Franklin, and Murfreesboro, our farm’s 40 acres provide a picturesque and unique backdrop for your artistic vision. From our natural landscapes and abundant wildlife to our expertly planted flora and ever-evolving foliage, South 40 Farm offers endless opportunities for creatives to capture the perfect shot. Don’t wait any longer, book your reservation today and experience the magic of spring at South 40 Farm.
Here are ten reasons to book your next photography session with us:

  1. Our farm is brimming with new life in the spring, with our skilled Master Farmer planting a variety of flora, including sunflowers, cosmos, and zinnias, providing an enchanting backdrop for your photos.
  2. Our 40-acre property offers endless possibilities for your shoot, featuring wide-open spaces, beautiful high grass, access to the West Harpeth River, charming Barns, a tranquil Pond, and sunlit White Room.
  3. Our owners are committed to ensuring a seamless experience and are always available to assist you.
  4. The sheer size of our property means it never feels crowded, providing ample space and privacy to shoot.
  5. Wildlife abounds on our farm, including dogs, cats, ducks, geese, foxes, rabbits, deer, and turkeys, adding an enchanting touch to your photos.
  6. Our natural and abundant landscapes offer a unique and captivating beauty, perfect for photographers looking for inspiration.
  7. Our Master Farmer is always innovating and working on new ideas to beautify the land and create unique settings for creatives.
  8. Our sunsets and Golden Hour are truly magnificent throughout Spring, providing a captivating and stunning backdrop for your photos.
  9. We are deeply grateful for every person who chooses to patronize South 40 Farm, and we show our appreciation by ensuring a memorable experience.
  10. At South 40 Farm, we offer the perfect outdoor setting to capture your artistic vision in its most stunning and natural form.

South 40 Farm in spring offers a unique setting for photographers seeking inspiration and beauty. As the vibrant colors and new life of the season unfold across our farm, you’ll find endless opportunities to create and capture unforgettable memories. Don’t miss your chance to experience the magic of spring at South 40 Farm – book your photography session today.