Using social media channels for personal use is easy, but tackling them for promoting your business can be a daunting task. Knowing how much to bite off, how to maintain it, and how to measure its effectiveness all require planning, commitment, and recognizing what works—and what doesn’t.

Not only do social media platforms help you network with other creative professionals around the globe, but they can boost your following and help build your brand—and clientele. But before you sit down and set up profiles on every platform, hoping you will be seen, you should (at minimum) decide on a few goals with social media posting, and determine a frequency you can maintain. As you find success and begin to make your social media approach part of your business strategy, you can build on your success!

Here is a (short) list of social media channels you should consider:


For years, if a creative professional were to use just one social media channel, Instagram would be THE ONE. And although others have come onto the scene, this is still a “must have” for anyone in a visual industry. Even today, many photographers report that even they are inspired by other photographers on Instagram. One caveat is the difficulty to gain followers on this site—there are simply a large number of creatives utilizing it. However, the ease at which people can “like” and “follow” you make it an obvious choice, especially for engagement.


Behance is a social network created especially for creatives like designers and photographers. With over a million unique visitors each day, this site is full of creative professionals looking to display and improve their skill. Owned by Adobe (who knows a little about photography), this site works like a convention, where you can share your best work for others to share and comment on. And there’s nothing like recognition from other creatives in your industry to help boost your clientele! The icing on the cake for this social media platform is the Jobs Link feature which helps you to find jobs, both freelance gigs and staff positions.


Social media users are becoming more mobile-capable. Cellular phones not only have increasingly complex cameras onboard, but cloud-based storage means that users can keep and access images from anywhere in the world. Stellar allows you to tell a story with your photos, a dream for photographers of all skill levels. You will find utilizing this channel a valuable tool in networking with other creative professionals, and word of mouth is great advertising!


Yes, it might sound antiquated, but it is truly impactful. Facebook simply has a HUGE audience and can be key to attracting an older crowd. The platform is very user-friendly for establishing business pages and is widely used by adults in the US and 75% of high-income earners. Finally, Facebook users who follow businesses on the platform are more likely to become clients than other sites.


Renowned for being “the place” to find and create inspiration, Pinterest is a virtual search engine. Millions of users browse this online “catalog” for ideas for events, decorations, and other creative ideas, and most are ready to buy! Creating boards which showcase your unique talents and specialties will help to draw in ideal clients. And Pinterest pins can have a L-O-N-G lifespan, as followers pin and re-pin your original pins!

There you go…if you are looking to start a social media strategy for your photography business, these channels are definitely worthy of your focus. Because it can be tempting to post everything on every channel, find those which resonate with you and begin sharing your photos—and building your business—now!

Networking–South 40 Style

The South 40 team understands how creativity blossoms when photographers share their ideas. That’s why we not only utilize multiple social media channels, but Like and Follow creatives of all types who have taken breathtaking photos and videos here at the farm. Let us know how we can support you, promote your work, and build a network of satisfied professionals who take advantage of all that South 40 has to offer! With the holidays fast approaching, our new White Room offers a subtle background for all of your clients’ memorable shoots.