Welcome to our Creative Spotlight, where we’re highlighting the talented creatives who make up the community here at South 40.

In this month’s Creative Spotlight, we present Brigette Billups, a native Texan and lifestyle and wedding photographer. Known for her ability to capture special moments between family members, Brigette has a knack for depicting everyday moments for what they truly are—the heart of what connects us to each other. With a lengthy portfolio of dazzling pictures of everything from birth to weddings, senior pictures to candid family interactions, Brigette reveals the best of her subjects in memories they are proud to share. Join us as we find out more about Brigette’s approach and how she finds time to balance her own family while making her clients’ families shine.

What led you to photography? Was there a specific moment that you realized this was your calling?

As a child, I marveled at old family photos. I loved studying how they looked, how they dressed, marveling at the details in each photo. As I got older, my love for using photography to stop time only intensified. Whether on my iPhone or DSLR, I love to capture fleeting moments that I can look back on and feel the powerful sense of that time. Being a photographer allows me the opportunity to help other families savor these moments and capture love-soaked images which they can look back on for years to come. I hope future generations hold these photos in their hands and admire the details. Getting to be a storyteller through my lens is an honor!


How does your faith guide you in your career? Are there times when it gives you strength, inspiration, or even lead you to make business decisions?

I believe every single person on this earth is beautifully created by God, in His likeness! I don’t just see clients–I see people as God’s designs, and whom He loves so much! Being a photographer allows me a brief glance at how God is working in other’s lives AND it allows me to document JOY – which truly only comes from knowing Him! As far as faith leading me in business decisions—everything I do in life is based on my faith! I pray I always follow His will and that my business will bring Him glory. I pray that when people think of “Brigette Billups Photography” that they see it as a joyful business rooted in Christ.


Are there significant differences in photographing the various subjects you do—newborns, children, high school seniors, families—and how do you adjust your style to fit each of these subjects, especially when you are tackling several of them in one shoot?

There are variations necessary to take pictures of different subjects, but one unwavering truth is that everyone wants to feel confident and have fun in a photo shoot. Most of us feel a bit awkward in front of the camera, so I aim to make every subject have fun and relax during their session. I guide my clients in their poses and try to help them relax. I’m pretty goofy too—which lightens the mood altogether!


THE SMILE. You have captured this time and time again in all your subjects, as though you could release the inner child in everyone! How do you capture this expression and what advice would you give other photographers for doing the same?

I believe that a client’s emotions mirror the photographer. For instance, if I go into a session somber and calm, the images will likely be very moody and peaceful. However, people who know me will tell you that I go into my sessions with full-blown energy and TONS of laughter, so my images reflect that energy. Besides, how could you NOT be energetic and have fun when you’re photographing adorable children?!


South 40 is fast becoming a sought-after location for both professional and amateur photographers looking for open space for their shots. Can you tell me what makes South 40 better than a public open space?

For me, South 40 is the perfect spot to host family photo sessions because it offers privacy for professionals and their clients. Unlike the crowding issues you could have in a public location, at South 40 clients can drive directly to the shoot location, hop out of the car, take pictures on the gorgeous property, and leave! The sunset is dreamy at South 40, and with the added texture of the fields, it makes the most amazing combination!


You are one of the first photographers we’ve seen who advertises their mentoring program. What led you to start this program and outside of advancing young photographers’ careers, how has this benefited you and your business?

I just love helping other photographers! I didn’t go to college for photography (I studied communication and journalism) so everything I have learned has been from other photographers. It thrills me to pour into other photographers like I’ve been poured into. I love to share what I’ve learned, and I am so happy when I see my mentees blossom and succeed! I believe 100% in community over competition.


What advice would you give to aspiring creatives (both logistically and artistically), especially considering the post-pandemic culture we are living in?

Love people well. If a dear client can’t book a session because they’ve lost their job due to the pandemic, give them a discount—or do it for free! Now more than ever is an opportunity for us to show charity and love to others. Photographers are a dime a dozen, so set yourself apart by being more than “just a photographer” – be a person who loves people deeply!

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