The holidays will soon be upon us, and this is often “GO” time for photographers. However, the pandemic and all the on-again, off-again restrictions have made planning a logistical nightmare for some industries, and photography has certainly been one of them. With the country in a bit more of a rhythm, many people are anxious to reconnect with friends and family, and sharing photos helps to bring everyone up-to-date with how their lives have changed—and children have grown!

Since everyone is adjusting to a stronger online presence, you may need to be creative in luring people back into a studio or other location for semi-traditional photography. A mix of new ideas and proven winners will help you to attract a wide clientele, both returning customers and newcomers.

Here are a few tips to make your holiday season a profitable one!

Offer a Black Friday special. Just the words BLACK FRIDAY excites shoppers, so simply using this terminology can attract clients who live for snagging deals this time of year.

Browse through your past client list, offering them a specialized offer based on their previous shoots or even a discount for a referral or great Google review.

Set up some packages with a quick turnaround to cater to procrastinators and those who may be overwhelmed with choices in holiday photo cards and prints. Shipping times are not what they used to be, so do your homework and offer your expertise to clients who need it fast.

Know your customers—offer paper and digital options. Since many families have moved to digital greetings, you can promote them and capture clients who hadn’t considered that option. Consider offering a special deal for customers who take both prints and digital files.

Create a holiday newsletter or blog posts, sharing them on social media. Start reeling in potential clients in mid-October.

Consider promoting gift cards as a gift idea. Some people can’t add another task to their holiday season but want to take photos at some point. Winter lasts well after Christmas, so why not promote taking winter photos in January? South 40 offers both gorgeous outside locations and rustic buildings to inspire the pickiest customers!

Hire Santa! People wait in line for hours to take their picture with Santa and in today’s “precautionary” world, something that feels safer may attract young families. South 40’s new White Room combines breathtaking natural light and a blank canvas to set up an inviting North Pole scene!

South 40 gives photographers—professional and amateur alike—a host of options for holiday photo shoots, along with expert support to ensure each shoot is successful, allowing you to focus on your clients and their satisfaction. We can provide indoor and outdoor options, along with props of all types.